How to Monetize Your Website/Blogs

There are many ad provider to allow you To monetize your website or your blogs
For this article how ever we will be using adsense.

Step number #1. Sign-up to adsense.

Step number #2. Create a Content
This could be a website or a Blog you can make use of your favorite topics
or write something about the places that you visit which you usually post in
Facebook. Initially you can create an account in

Step number 3. You need to register for a domain
You will need to register for a domain. You can do this with domain provider
like or you may go with which offer webhosting and
domain name as well


Step number 4.  Verify and Crawl the content of your web site
You need to crawl the content of your website so that it can be search by the
in your favorite search engine. For google you can make use of the goggle search console.
You can reach search console using this site-

Step number 5. Create ad unit in Adsense
You next step is to create add unit and secure the script.

Step number 6. Incorporate the Ad unit Script to your content.
You need to incorporate your ad unit script to your content.

Step number 7. Share your content To social media
The next step is to Share your content to social media like
facebook, google plus, linked-in and Yammer.

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