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These are  the newest sets of free tutorials  tutorials from

  1.  GIMP – Is on open source Graphic Imaging tools. If you want to draw or build images and stunning images you are going to like this tool.  You can access the tutorials from this link
  2.  Word Press is  an Open source content management system. If you want to write your own journal this is one of the tools that is right for you.  You can access the tutorials from this link
  3. Windows Applications, Tools and games – This module talks about applications, tools and Games that are there for you free. You can access these tutorials thru this link.
  4. .Net Core. This learning module is about developing applications for the open source environment. Please access this module thru this link 
  5. Oracle Database 12C. Oracle Database is an enterprise database management system. This application is used for storing data.  Access the Oracle database lenring module thru this link  .

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