How do you plan your day as a YouTuber?

If you are planning to have a career in YouTube, you need to plan your day to day activity. There are several task that you need to do to be a successful YouTuber.

You need to:

  1. Research your content. A secret to a successful video is a well research content
  2. Create your videos. You will be needing a lot of hours when you start up especially if you are new to editing
  3.  Distribute or circulate your video. Once your video is uploaded to Youtube you need to plan how to circulate it.
  4. Manage your subscriber. You will definitely need a lot of time managing your subscriber but that is not the only task. make sure you control it.
  5. Plan  you work. You need to look at the dashboard and see what needs to be improved.

YouTube is an interesting work but you have to plan your day to day task.

Here’s my break down in terms of hours.

Task Hours
Manage Subscribers 2
plan and create Content 2
research 2
Circulate your work 3
Plan and strategize 1

In this episode, I document the things I learned in the YouTube platform. Please watch.

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