Software Automation With AutoHotkey

About AutoHotkey

Autohotkey(AHK)  is a free, opensource, scripting language for Windows. If you are doing repetitive task you can automatee the task for you by programming  an .AHK script which  functions like a macro. It can be used for the following:

  1.  Provides easy keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys
  2.  Launch an application automatically with predefined parameters
  3. open and create documents automatically
  4.  do an automated file operation such as copy, delete and rename  files
  5.  expand acronyms by using hot strings
  6.  Automatically fill out form
  7.  Automatically control the mouse
  8. Automatically send text
  9.  Use it to play your games
  10. You can make use of it for automated testing of  your newly created application


You can download autohotkey from After downloading all you need is to install the application.


How does it work?

You need to create a script and have it an extension of ahk. For example script1.ahk.  Next you need to run the script.   The script will be stored like a Terminate and stay Resident (TSR) program which will run everytime a trigger is run

Automate repetitive task with Autohotkey Example DEMO.AHK

This script will run the windows snipping tool and will prepare it to take a new snip when you press “windows key+c”  and it  it will type

“test1 “plus enter Puls “test”  when you press “windows key +t”.  It will paste copied data when you press  windows key +v


#c::send #+{s}
send test1 {Enter}
send test2
send ^v
send pasted by aht
send {Enter}